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Pipeline machinery for sale

Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. offers pipeline machinery both for sale and for rent. The array includes customized machines for laying, welding and bending of pipes, sandblasting equipment, medium and high pressure pumps for testing, as well as other mechanical units essential for realization of a pipeline.

Pipelayer machines, line up clamps, pipewelders and cat

Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. offers for sale and for rent the following equipment:

Thanks to the upgraded design, calculation and verification instruments (F.E.M. finite elements method), we are able to design and manufacture other than pipe bending machines for common used pipes steel grade API 5L X60, X65, X70, X80, also a specific pipelayer machine able to carry out, very efficiently and accurately, the bending operations of the last pipes steel grade API 5L X100.

Full customized pipeline equipment

The full possibility and capability to customize every pipeline machinery for sale – according to customer’s needs, project specifications and requirements – is one of the main strength points of the company.

Technical support: repair and overhauling operations

The commercial policy of the italian pipeline company aims at a mutually profitable long terms co-operation with customers.

The company, which promotes both the sale and the rental of machineries, has a team of skilled technicians and mechanicals to be deployed promptly on the project site to ensure quick and expeditious repair operations, reducing costs for stoppage of the production for the customer.


For more details about pipeline machinery models for sale

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Our Mission

Euro Pipeline Equipment designs, produces and upgrades reliable, efficient and safe machineries at the forefront of technology, according to particular requirements and project specifications.

Thanks to a team of expert technicians, the italian company guarantees that customized pipeline equipments reach excellent performance, high reliability, safety and long time duration.

Euro Pipeline Equipment provides a wide array of specialized services 24h: overhauling, quick repair operations and onsite technical support.

Pipelayer Performer GPL 980

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