Our Company

Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. is a pipeline company well introduced in the pipeline market industry with thirty years of experience in supporting contractors in pipeline construction operations.

Our pipeline company thanks to its efficient organization, based on the full design capability, industrializes and manufactures its products by itself (from the raw materials till the finished product) in its facility plant, trying to find a common point of view with both its consolidated and prospect customers as a company able to solve any kind of problem.
The company is constantly improving and has become the official supplier of machineries for Saipem.

Design, production and support: the best pipeline company in Europe

Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. can be considered a reliable partner for its customers, thanks to the following main strong points:

  • precision mechanics
  • Made in Italy
  • design and production process fully “inside” the company
  • equipment customization
  • competitive quality/price rate
  • quick and efficient service in field




Experience and innovation: complete pipeline equipments

Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. was founded in 1994, but actually the company started its activity in pipeline equipment repairing and overhauling in 1974, thanks to the huge experience gained in the field by its staff of expert technicians. The italian pipeline company started to design and produce its equipment, following up the experience acquired during many years of technical support performed in favor of the main international pipeline contractors all over the world.

Italian pipeline company based in Carpaneto Piacentino

The facility of Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. – the headquarter is located in Piacenza province, in the small town of Carpaneto Piacentino (80 km a South-West of Milan) – it is in a production plant which spreads out on a total area of 53.000 m2, of which 20.000 m2 completely covered.

Pipeline machineries and equipments for sale and rent

The production is fully inside the company and we promote the sale and the rental of the machineries and pipeline equipments.

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