Euro Pipeline Equipment manufacture since 20 years its in-house designed vacuum lifts, nowadays widely used for safe handling of the pipes in stockyards. For better handling performance the vacuum lifter can be adopted to replace hooks, sling etc… by a single equipment easy to use providing shorter time for handling the line pipes.

The suction pads are interchangeable and with just few sizes they can cover all the line pipe diameters and weights.The vacuum unit is independent and can be installed on a  crane or an hydraulic excavator.

How a vacuum lift works

Each vacuum pipe lifter is equipped with a vacuum pump driven by a diesel engine. By opening a valve, vacuum is created between the suction pad and the pipe: thanks to this difference of pressure between outside and inside, the suction pad will “suck” itself onto the pipe surface ensuring enough force to handle the pipe..

Euro Pipeline Equipment designs models with different lifting capacity, with customized tanks, pumps and suctions pads.


Project Details

  • better handling performance
  • shorter time for handling the line pipes

  • Lifting capacity (tons) 13
  • Operating weight (kg) 1800

Our Other Works

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