Euro Pipeline Equipments Roller cradles are used in pipeline lay down operation. The rollers evenly distribute the pressure on the pipe, avoiding the risk of cracking the welds and preserving the coating.

The use of polyurethane rollers also eliminates the risk of damaging the polyethylene or FBE pipe coating that can occur using regular steel wheel cradles.
In addition high standard ropes made in Italy are provided with the cradle in order to ensure long lasting life and safe operation at site.

The Euro Pipeline Equipments roller cradles can be easily disassembled for fast site repair and maintenance and optimized storage and transport.

The Euro Pipeline Equipment roller cradles comply with all applicable standards and are CE certified.


6 inches to 60 inches.

Available models

  • RC6-12
  • RC12-24
  • RC24-36
  • RC36-48
  • RC48-60

Project Details

Our models permit you a quick dismantling and thus enable easy transportation. The rollers are polyurethane-coated to prevent any type of scratches and damage of a pipe during the use.

The safety is also guaranteed by use of the highest Italian quality ropes.

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