Thanks to the new automatic quick release of the tracks which is directly controlled  by  the driving position, the Pipelayer Performer GPL 980 can be transported with normal open top containers which allows a great saving in terms of shipping costs and time.

patent_pendingThanks to this flexible technological solution, we can easily guarantee the workflow continuity 24/7. If one of the component that can be dismantled is out of order, it can be quickly substituted with a spare one; while the damaged component can be easily repaired without stopping the workflow.

The project is based on the long-time experience acquired in this industry, using the most advanced technologies. For these reasons, the Company can offer to the customers efficient and reliable machineries, in line with the strictest benchmarks in terms of safety and environmental protection. Pipelayer Performer GPL 980 is currently operating on pipeline projects all over the world, especially in Turkey and South America.

Customized pipelayer and sideboom machines

To provide the best customer support, Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. provides a complete service: design, manufacturing and installation, quick repair operations and exclusive services in field. Thanks to a strong Research and Development Department, which is capable of translating customer’s needs into effective machineries, Euro Pipeline Equipment S.p.a. designs customized pipelayer machines, safe and easy to use, according to requirements and project specifications.

  • CE Approval Design
  • ROPS/FOPS designed in such way to allow the operator a clear view of the top of the boom and the load
  • Anti -Tipping System
  • Electronic Boom Kick-out
  • Free Fall

  • Max Lift Capacity 98.000 kg/ 216053 lb
  • Operating weight 61.000 kg/ 134500 lb
  • 2 speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Bosch-Rexroth Components
  • Innovative Hydraulic System for Hard Track Frame Disassembly
  • Also available with not removable tracks

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