TP-15 Multipurpose Tractors

TP-15 Multipurpose tractors

Our TP-15 is the perfect tractors for pipeline welding and not only. It has been designed in compliance with the most common requirements of pipeline contractors: it is very light, flexible and stable.

The TP-15 is designed to be easily maintained at site: all its components such as motors, cranes, hydraulics etc.. have been selected from top suppliers with a global assistance network: Customers are served in any place in the world.

Special care has been dedicated to the comfort of the driver:

  • the crane and the gas bottle rack can be operated from the cabin
  • the engine are sound proof
  • the cabin is mounted on shock adsorber for best comfort
  •  Upon request  A\C and rear camera can be installed

Also safety has been taken into account and all the TP-15 adopt ROPS protection for the operators.

To give the maximum flexibility at site and use the TP-15 for many other purpose the platform is mounted on a quick-lock system: it can be replaced with other customized accessories and the tractor  can be converted several versions such as:

Available version

  • Automatic Welding
  • Dumper
  • Crew transportation
  • Sandblasting
  • Induction Heating

Welding Equipment Services

In order to provide a turn-key product Europipeline can deliver the paywelder already fitted with top brand welding inverters from Miller and Lincoln together with a dedicated diesel generator correctly sized for a reliable and quality welding at site.

  • Robust and multipurpose vehicle;
  • Easily adaptable thanks to the easy-to-dismantle platform;
  • Iveco or Caterpillar engine available;
  • Steel or rubber chain available
  • Equipped with hydraulic Gas bottle lifting system and crane.

  • Operating weight: 11.900 kg
  • Engine Power 168 kW
  • Max. speed Phase 1: 5 km/h
  • Max. speed Phase 2: 9 km/h
  • 7,1 sqm platform surface

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