Hydraulically driven mandrels provided by Euro Pipeline Equipment assist in the correct bending of the pipes.
This mandrel can be attached to the pipe bender’s auxiliary hydraulic valves for proper operation.

Standard sizes available ranging from the smalles at 10 inches to the large 60 inches (pipe diameter). Custom sizes can also be fabricated to suit.

Hydraulic wedge mandrels: available models

Euro Pipeline Equipment’s array includes the following models of tube bender for sale:

  • 8” – 14” Spindle Mandrels
  • 16” – 40” Motorized Mandrels
  • 42” – 60” Bi-Motorized Mandrels with valve actuators

Customized mandrel tube bender

According to particular requirements, the company can design and fabricate custom-cut hydraulic wedge mandrels. Mandrels are also available in both manual and motorized versions.


To have more in-depth information about all mandrel pipe bender models

please contact Euro Pipeline Equipment at our phone number +39.0523.852064

or write an email to info@europipeline-equipment.com

Project Details

Hydraulically driven bending mandrels which assist in the correct bending of a pipe.

This mandrel can be connected to an auxiliary distributor mounted on a bending machine for proper operation.

Standard sizes available range from 8 to 60 inches (diameter of a pipe).

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